DevExpress.ReportServer.Printing Namespace

Contains classes that provide printing functionality to a Report and Dashboard Server.

Assembly: DevExpress.Printing.v21.2.Core.dll


Name Description
AuthenticationServiceClientDemandedEventArgs Provides data for the RemoteDocumentSource.AuthenticationServiceClientDemanded event.
CredentialsEventArgs Provides data for the RemoteDocumentSource.ReportServerCredentialsDemanded event.
RemoteDocument A document that is created by a remote service (a Report and Dashboard Server or custom WCF report service).
RemoteDocumentSource Provides functionality to publish RemoteDocument objects.
RemotePrintingSystem Renders documents that are generated by remote sources (i.e., by a report service or Report Server).
ReportServiceClientDemandedEventArgs Provides data for the RemoteDocumentSource.ReportServiceClientDemanded event.


Name Description
CredentialsDemandedEventHandler A method that will handle the RemoteDocumentSource.ReportServerCredentialsDemanded event.


Name Description
AuthenticationType Lists the values, specifying the supported user authentication types.