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DevExpress.Data Namespace

Contains classes implementing the common data management functionality for DevExpress controls.

Assemblies: DevExpress.Data.v22.2.dll, DevExpress.Printing.v22.2.Core.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.Data, DevExpress.Printing.Core, DevExpress.Win.Dashboard.Design


Name Description
CustomSummaryEventArgs Provides data for the GridView.CustomSummaryCalculate event.
CustomSummaryExistEventArgs Provides data for the GridView.CustomSummaryExists event.
RealTimeSource The component that acts as an asynchronous bridge between a data-aware control and rapidly changing data.
RowDeletedEventArgs Provides data for an event that fires after a row is deleted.
RowDeletingEventArgs Provides data for an event that fires before a row is deleted.
SelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the selection changed events.
ServerModeExceptionThrownEventArgs Provides data for the LinqServerModeDataSource.ExceptionThrown event.
ServerModeInconsistencyDetectedEventArgs Provides data for the LinqServerModeDataSource.InconsistencyDetected event.
SubstituteFilterEventArgs Provides data for events that allow you to replace a data filter applied by an end-user.
UnboundSource A data source used to supply and obtain a typed list of objects to data-aware controls in unbound mode.
UnboundSourceListChangedEventArgs Arguments passed to the UnboundSource.UnboundSourceListChanging and UnboundSource.UnboundSourceListChanged events.
UnboundSourceProperty Supplies information on a column of the UnboundSource‘s list.
UnboundSourcePropertyCollection A collection of the UnboundSource‘s list columns.
UnboundSourceValueNeededEventArgs Arguments, passed to the UnboundSource.ValueNeeded event.
UnboundSourceValuePushedEventArgs Arguments, passed to the UnboundSource.ValuePushed event.
VirtualServerModeConfigurationInfo Contains information on the sorting, filtering and summary configurations applied in the bound grid control.
VirtualServerModeGetUniqueValuesEventArgs Provides data for the VirtualServerModeSource.GetUniqueValues event.
VirtualServerModeRowsEventArgs Provides data for the VirtualServerModeSource.MoreRows and VirtualServerModeSource.ConfigurationChanged events.
VirtualServerModeRowsTaskResult The type of the result for Tasks created in your VirtualServerModeSource.MoreRows and VirtualServerModeSource.ConfigurationChanged event handlers.
VirtualServerModeSource A data source that features event-based data operations: async data load, sorting, filtering and infinite scrolling through records (in a bound Windows Forms GridControl).
VirtualServerModeTotalSummaryEventArgs Provides data for the VirtualServerModeSource.TotalSummary event.


Name Description
IBoundProperty If implemented, provides an abstraction for an object’s bindable property.
IDisplayNameProvider Provides methods that return custom names for the Field List items.
IParameter If implemented by a class, provides functionality to a report parameter.
IRelationList An interface that can be implemented by a data source to support master-detail relationships.
IRelationListEx An extended version of the IRelationList interface, that can be implemented by a data source to support master-detail relationships.


Name Description
CustomSummaryEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the GridView.CustomSummaryCalculate event.
CustomSummaryExistEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the GridView.CustomSummaryExists event.
SelectionChangedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the ColumnView.SelectionChanged event.


Name Description
ColumnSortOrder Lists values specifying the sort orders.
CustomSummaryProcess Specifies the current status of custom summary calculation.
ExceptionAction Specifies how to resolve exceptions while performing an action.
SummaryItemType Lists values specifying the aggregate function types.
SummaryMode Contains values that specify how summaries are calculated - against all rows or for the selected rows.
UnboundColumnType Contains values that specify the data type and binding mode of columns.