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DevExpress.Drawing Namespace

Contains cross-platform counterparts of the System.Drawing classes not supported in non-Windows environments.

Assembly: DevExpress.Drawing.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Drawing


Name Description
DXAdjustableArrowCap An adjustable arrow-shaped line cap.
DXBitmap Encapsulates a bitmap which consists of the pixel data for a graphics image and its attributes.
DXBlend Defines blending patterns.
DXBrush Base class for brushes.
DXColorBlend Defines arrays of colors and positions used to interpolate color blending in a multicolor gradient.
DXCustomLineCap A custom user-defined line cap.
DXCustomLineCapBase A base class for custom user-defined line caps.
DXFont Contains the text format settings such as font size and style.
DXFontAdditionalProperty Contains additional font properties.
DXFontRepository A repository of user-defined fonts.
DXGraphics Allows you to draw graphics content.
DXGraphicsPath Defines a series of connected lines and curves.
DXGraphicsPathData Contains graphical data
DXGraphicsUnitConverter static Enables you to convert values that are calculated in some measure units to different measure units.
DXHatchBrush A rectangular brush with a hatch style, a foreground color, and a background color.
DXImage An abstract class that contains settings for images.
DXImageFormat Specifies the image format.
DXLinearGradientBrush A brush that paints an area with a linear gradient.
DXMargins Specifies the dimensions of the margins of a printed page.
DXMatrix Encapsulates a 3x2 affine matrix used for geometric transformations.
DXPathGradientBrush A brush that fills the interior of a DXGraphicsPath object with a gradient.
DXPen Defines an object used to draw lines and curves.
DXRegion Describes the interior of a graphics shape composed of rectangles and paths.
DXSolidBrush A single-color brush.
DXStringFormat Contains text layout information, display manipulations, and OpenType features.
DXSvgImage Defines a vector image.
DXTextureBrush A brush that uses an image to fill a shape interior.
DXTilingBrush Base class for pattern brushes.


Name Description
DXFontData Contains information about a font in DXFontRepository.


Name Description
DXClipCombineMode Lists values that indicate how clipping regions can be combined.
DXCompositingMode Lists values that indicate how to combine source colors with background colors.
DXDashCap Lists values that indicate the type of graphic shape to use on both ends of each dash in a dashed line.
DXDashStyle Lists values that indicate the dashed line style.
DXFillMode Lists values that indicate fill modes of a closed path interior.
DXFontStyle Lists values that indicate style information applied to text.
DXGraphicsUnit Lists values that indicate the measurement unit for the given data.
DXHatchStyle Lists values that indicate patterns available for a hatch brush.
DXHotkeyPrefix Lists values that indicate the display mode of the hotkey prefixes.
DXInterpolationMode Lists values that indicate the algorithm used when images are scaled or rotated.
DXLinearGradientMode Lists values that indicate the direction of a linear gradient.
DXLineCap Lists values that indicate available cap styles for a DXPen instance.
DXLineJoin Lists values that indicate how to join consecutive line or curve segments in a figure.
DXMatrixOrder Lists values that indicate the order for matrix transformation operations.
DXPathPointType List types of points available for the DXGraphicsPath instance.
DXPenType Lists values that indicate the pen type.
DXRotateFlipType Lists values that indicate the rotation and flip type.
DXSmoothingMode Lists values that indicate smoothing (antialiasing) mode applied to lines and curves and the edges of filled areas.
DXStringAlignment Lists values that indicate the type of alignment of a text string relative to its layout rectangle.
DXStringFormatFlags Specifies the display and layout information for text strings.
DXStringTrimming Lists values that indicate how to trim characters from a string that does not completely fit into a layout shape.
DXTextRenderingHint Lists values that indicate the quality of text rendering.
DXWrapMode Lists values that indicate how to lite a texture or gradient it is smaller than the area being filled.