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DevExpress.XtraReports.UI Namespace

Contains classes that implement the basic functionality of XtraReports.

Assemblies: DevExpress.Data.v22.2.dll, DevExpress.Printing.v22.2.Core.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.Data, DevExpress.Printing.Core, DevExpress.Win.Dashboard.Design


Name Description
ReportPrintContext Enables publishing a report in a Windows Forms application by creating a ReportPrintTool.
XRConvert Enables you to convert value types and adjust values to different measure units.


Name Description
IReportPrintTool For internal use. Provides the basic functionality for the ReportPrintTool class.


Name Description
FieldType Specifies the type of the value returned by a calculated field.
HorizontalAnchorStyles Lists the horizontal anchoring styles available for a report control.
LineDirection Specifies the direction of a line drawn inside an XRLine control.
PrintOnPages Specifies whether or not the page band should be printed on the same pages with Report Header and Report Footer bands.
VerticalAnchorStyles Specifies how a control anchors to the top and/or bottom edges of its container.