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DevExpress.Mvvm.DataAnnotations Namespace

Contains classes that support data annotations and DevExpress Fluent API functionality.

Assembly: DevExpress.Mvvm.v24.1.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.Mvvm, DevExpress.Win.Navigation


Name Description
BindablePropertyAttribute Provides settings for generating bindable properties by the POCO mechanism.
CommandAttribute Allows you to generate commands from methods.
CommandMetadataBuilder<T> Provides the command generating functionality.
CommandMetadataBuilderBase<T, TBuilder> Provides base command generating functionality.
CommandMethodMetadataBuilder<T> Provides the command generating functionality.
DateTimeMaskAttribute Provides date-time mask attributes.
DXImageAttribute Provides the ability to associate an image file with a data item.
HiddenAttribute Configures the property to be hidden.
InstanceInitializerAttribute Contains attributes for the instance initializer builder.
LayoutBuilderBase<T, TBuilder> Provides the base functionality for building layouts.
MaskAttributeBase Provides base mask attributes.
MetadataBuilder<T> The base metadata builder class.
MetadataLocator Allows you to register metadata classes.
NewItemInstanceInitializerAttribute Contains attributes that are used to initialize a new item of a dictionary.
NumericMaskAttribute Provides numeric mask attributes.
NumericUnsignedPropertyMetadataBuilderExtensions static Contains methods specific to numeric unsigned data types.
POCOViewModelAttribute Provides settings for generating POCO View models.
PredefinedMasks static Contains predefined mask expressions.
PredefinedMasks.DateTime static
PredefinedMasks.Numeric static
PropertyMetadataBuilder<T, TProperty> Provides data source configuration functionality.
PropertyMetadataBuilderBase<T, TProperty, TBuilder> The base class for the data source configuration functionality.
PropertyMetadataBuilderExtensions static Provides additional data source configuration functionality.
RegExMaskAttribute Provides RegEx mask attributes.
RegExMaskAttributeBase Provides base RegEx mask attributes.
RegularMaskAttribute Provides regular mask attributes.
ServicePropertyAttribute Provides settings for generating service properties by the POCO mechanism.
SimpleMaskAttribute Provides simple mask attributes.
TableGroupContainerLayoutBuilder<T> Provides methods for building table group containers.
TableGroupLayoutBuilder<T> Provides methods for building table groups.


Name Description
IMetadataLocator Used to implement metadata locators.
IMetadataProvider<T> Provides methods to build metadata.


Name Description
DateTimeDisplayMode Lists the values used to specify the formatting applied to date-time values.
PropertyLocation Lists values that specify whether the property is positioned before or after properties without the specified location.