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DevExpress.XtraScheduler.Outlook Namespace

Contains classes which implement MS Outlook data exchange operations.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v24.1.Core.Desktop.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Scheduler.CoreDesktop


Name Description
OutlookAppointmentExportedEventArgs Provides data for the AppointmentExporter.AppointmentExported event of the OutlookExport class.
OutlookAppointmentExportingEventArgs Provides data for the AppointmentExporter.AppointmentExporting event of the OutlookExport class.
OutlookAppointmentImportedEventArgs Provides data for the AppointmentImporter.AppointmentImported event of the OutlookImport class.
OutlookAppointmentImportingEventArgs Provides data for the AppointmentImporter.AppointmentImporting event of the OutlookImport class.
OutlookAppointmentSynchronizedEventArgs Provides data for the AppointmentSynchronizer.AppointmentSynchronized event of the AppointmentImportSynchronizer class.
OutlookAppointmentSynchronizingEventArgs Provides data for the AppointmentSynchronizer.AppointmentSynchronizing event of the AppointmentSynchronizer class.
OutlookCalendarFolder Represents a folder containing calendar items in MS Outlook.
OutlookCalendarProvider Implements the IOutlookCalendarProvider interface, facilitating the creation of descendants.
OutlookExchangeHelper static Provides methods to get information on MS Outlook calendar folder names and paths.
OutlookExport Represents an object that exports Scheduler appointments to MS Outlook calendar items.
OutlookExportSynchronizer Represents an object implementing an appointment synchronization with export scenario for MS Outlook.
OutlookImport Represents an object that imports MS Outlook calendar items into Scheduler appointments.
OutlookImportSynchronizer Represents an object implementing an appointment synchronization with an import scenario for MS Outlook.


Name Description
IOutlookCalendarProvider Defines methods for retrieving calendar items from an MS Outlook application.
ISupportCalendarFolders Enables you to get or set a calendar folder name for different types of appointment exchangers.