NumericIntervalOptions Class

Stores the numeric axis’s interval settings.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v21.2.dll


public sealed class NumericIntervalOptions :

The following members accept/return NumericIntervalOptions objects:


Use the NumericScaleOptions.IntervalOptions property to access the axis interval options.


This example demonstrates how to create a histogram chart with bins of a given width.

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    // Load data to a chart.
    chartControl1.DataSource = LoadDataTableFromXml("..\\..\\Data\\CityWeather.xml", "CityWeather");
    Series series = new Series();
    series.ArgumentDataMember = "Temperature";
    SideBySideBarSeriesView view = series.View as SideBySideBarSeriesView;
    view.Border.Visibility = DevExpress.Utils.DefaultBoolean.True;
    view.BarWidth = 1;
    // Configure histogram options.
    XYDiagram diagram = chartControl1.Diagram as XYDiagram; 
    NumericScaleOptions scaleOptions = diagram.AxisX.NumericScaleOptions;
    scaleOptions.AggregateFunction = AggregateFunction.Histogram;
    scaleOptions.ScaleMode = ScaleMode.Interval;
    scaleOptions.IntervalOptions.DivisionMode = IntervalDivisionMode.Width;
    scaleOptions.IntervalOptions.Width = 10;
    scaleOptions.IntervalOptions.OverflowValue = 20;
    scaleOptions.IntervalOptions.UnderflowValue = -30;
    scaleOptions.IntervalOptions.Pattern = "{OB}{A1:F0} ― {A2:F0}{CB}";
    scaleOptions.IntervalOptions.OverflowValuePattern = "{OS} {A1}";
    scaleOptions.IntervalOptions.UnderflowValuePattern = "{US} {A2}";
    scaleOptions.IntervalOptions.GridLayoutMode = GridLayoutMode.GridShiftedLabelCentered;
    diagram.AxisX.GridLines.Visible = true;
    diagram.AxisX.Tickmarks.MinorVisible = false;
static DataTable LoadDataTableFromXml(string fileName, string tableName) {
    DataSet xmlDataSet = new DataSet();
    return xmlDataSet.Tables[tableName];

The following API members configure the histogram options:

Member Description
ScaleGridOptionsBase.AggregateFunction Gets or sets the value indicating the aggregate function that should be used to relieve data.
ScaleOptionsBase.ScaleMode Gets or sets the scale mode for an axis.
NumericScaleOptions.IntervalOptions Stores options for numeric axis when its ScaleMode is Interval.
NumericIntervalOptions.DivisionMode Specifies how to divide axis scale into intervals.
NumericIntervalOptions.Width Gets or sets the interval size when DivisionMode is Width.
NumericIntervalOptions.OverflowValue Gets or sets the start value for the interval that includes overflow values.
NumericIntervalOptions.UnderflowValue Gets or sets the end value for the interval that includes underflow values.
IntervalOptionsBase.Pattern Gets or sets a format string that configures text for the interval axis labels and crosshair labels.
IntervalOptionsBase.OverflowValuePattern Gets or sets a format string that configures text for the overflow interval axis labels and crosshair labels.
IntervalOptionsBase.UnderflowValuePattern Gets or sets a format string that configures text for the underflow interval axis labels and crosshair labels.
NumericIntervalOptions.GridLayoutMode Gets or sets the value that specifies the alignment of grid lines, major tickmarks and axis labels.


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