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DevExpress.Data.Filtering Namespace

Contains classes that support the data filtering feature.

Assembly: DevExpress.Data.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Data


Name Description
AggregateOperand An aggregate operator which calculates aggregate expressions (MIN, MAX, SUM, etc.)
BaseNodeEventArgs The base class that provides data for a Filter Control’s events.
BetweenOperator An operator which determines whether a criteria expression lies between the specified range of values.
BinaryOperator A logical expression which consists of a BinaryOperatorType operation between two operands.
ConstantValue A constant value operand in criteria expressions.
ContainsOperator An operator which checks if a collection contains at least one object matching a specific criteria.
CriteriaOperator Provides the abstract (MustInherit in Visual Basic) base class for criteria operators.
CriteriaOperatorCollection Represents a collection of CriteriaOperator objects.
CustomAggregateCollection Represents a collection to store a list of custom aggregate functions.
CustomAggregateEvaluationContext<T> Can be used as a value type context in CreateEvaluationContext(), Process(Object, Object[]), and GetResult(Object) methods.
EnumProcessingHelper static Provides helper methods used to register enumeration types whose values can be serialized in Criteria Language expressions.
FunctionOperator A function operator based on a FunctionOperatorType.
GroupOperator A logical expression which groups two or more operands with a logical AND or OR.
InOperator An operator which determines if a value matches any value in a specified list.
JoinOperand An operator that joins persistent objects on a specified condition, and calculates aggregate functions against matching objects.
NotOperator Represents a logical NOT operation which is performed on the operand.
NullOperator Represents an operator which compares a persistent object’s property value with a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).
OperandParameter This class supports the internal infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
OperandProperty An object property operand in criteria expressions.
OperandValue A value operand in criteria expressions.
UnaryOperator An unary operator which performs an operation on only one expression.


Name Description
IClientCriteriaVisitor For internal use only.
ICriteriaVisitor For internal use only.
ICustomAggregate Declares the base functionality for custom aggregate functions.
ICustomAggregateBrowsable Allows you to define a description of a custom aggregate function that appears in the Expression Editor, and validate the number of arguments and their type.
ICustomAggregateConvertibleToExpression Implemented by custom aggregate functions that can be converted to a LINQ expression.
ICustomAggregateFormattable Defines server-side processing for custom aggregate functions.
ICustomFunctionDisplayAttributes Allows you to create a custom function displayed as a comparison operator and specify the operator’s display settings.
ICustomFunctionOperator Declares the base functionality for custom functions.
ICustomFunctionOperatorBrowsable Contains descriptive information about a custom function for use in the Expression editor (category, description, number of parameters).
ICustomFunctionOperatorCompileable Implemented by custom functions that can be compiled on the client.
ICustomFunctionOperatorCompileableWithCaseSensitivity Implemented by case-sensitive custom functions that can be compiled on the client.
ICustomFunctionOperatorConvertibleToExpression Implemented by custom functions that can be converted to a LINQ expression.
ICustomFunctionOperatorEvaluatableWithCaseSensitivity Implemented by custom functions that can be evaluated with case-sensitivity.
ICustomFunctionOperatorFormattable Allows you to use the Query Builder or filter editor to insert a string into SQL queries generated for SELECT operations.


Name Description
Aggregate Enumerates aggregate functions.
BinaryOperatorType Enumerates binary operator types.
FilterCondition Contains enumeration values that specify comparison operation types used to create filter conditions.
FindPanelParserKind Contains values that specify how a control’s Find Panel combines entered words to create a search query.
FunctionCategory Lists the values that specify categories for functions available in Expression Editors.
FunctionOperatorType Enumerates function types that can be used by the FunctionOperator operators.
GroupOperatorType Enumerates group operator types.
UnaryOperatorType Enumerates unary operator types.