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DevExpress.DataAccess.EntityFramework Namespace

Contains classes that support binding to Entity Framework data sources.

Assembly: DevExpress.DataAccess.v22.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.DataAccess


Name Description
BeforeLoadCustomAssemblyEventArgs Provides data for the EFDataSource.BeforeLoadCustomAssembly and EFDataSource.BeforeLoadCustomAssemblyGlobal events.
CustomAssemblyLoadingProhibitedException An exception thrown on an attempt to load a custom assembly by an Entity Framework data source when it was not permitted to do this.
DBSetFilter A filter applied to an Entity Framework DBSet.
EFConnectionException A wrapper for exceptions that may occur during a connection to an Entity Framework data source.
EFConnectionParameters Contains parameters used to establish a connection to an Entity Framework data source.
EFDataConnection A connection to an Entity Framework data source.
EFDataSource An Entity Framework data source.
EFFiltersCollection A collection of Entity Framework data source filters.
EFParameter A parameter passed to a stored procedure by an EFDataSource.
EFParameterCollection A collection of EFParameter objects.
EFStoredProcedureInfo Contains information about a stored procedure provided by an EFDataSource.
EFStoredProcedureInfoCollection A collection of stored procedures provided by an EFDataSource.


Name Description
BeforeLoadCustomAssemblyEventHandler A method that will handle the EFDataSource.BeforeLoadCustomAssembly event.