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DevExpress.Mvvm Namespace

Contains controls for building MVVM-aware applications.

Assembly: DevExpress.Mvvm.v24.1.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.Mvvm, DevExpress.Win.Navigation


Name Description
BindableBase Provides support for the INotifyPropertyChanged interface and capabilities for easy implementation of bindable properties with the GetProperty and SetProperty methods.
CellEditorData An objects that allows you to specify editor’s settings in the Edit Form.
CellValue Contains information about a processed cell.
DelegateCommand A command that calls your parameterless delegates when Execute and CanExecute logic is invoked on the command.
DelegateCommand<T> A command that calls your parameterized delegates when Execute and CanExecute logic is invoked on the command.
DialogServiceExtensions static Contains extension methods for the IDialogService interface.
DocumentManagerServiceExtensions static Provides extension methods for IDocumentManagerService implementation to create and control a service’s documents.
DXSplashScreenViewModel A view model that specifies data and options for the SplashScreenManager.
EnumMemberInfo An object created from an enumeration member by the EnumItemsSource extension or EnumItemsSourceBehavior.
IDataErrorInfoHelper static Provides extension methods to get an error based on defined DataAnnotation attributes or Fluent API
Messenger Allows you to send messages and register handlers that will process these messages.
NavigationViewModelBase A View Model for Views between which navigation can be organized if they are placed within a NavigationFrame.
ServiceContainer An object that contains services.
UICommand A ViewModel that is used to generate a dialog button.
ViewInjectionManager Allows you to perform injecting and manipulation under ViewModels (and their Views) in any section of the application’s code.
ViewInjectionManagerExtensions static Provides extension methods for the ViewInjectionManager to integrate and control ViewModels (with their Views).
ViewInjectionServiceExtensions static Provides extension methods for the ViewInjectionService to integrate and control ViewModels (with their Views).
ViewModelBase The base class for ViewModels.
ViewModelBase.CreateCommandHelper<T> static
ViewModelClosingEventArgs Provides data for the ViewModelClosingEvent event.


Name Description
IApplicationJumpListService Provides methods to add jump tasks to the application’s Jump List.
ICommand<T> The interface that specifies a parameterized command.
ICurrentWindowService Provides methods to work with a window.
IDialogService Provides methods to show a dialog window.
IDispatcherService Contains methods that use the Dispatcher to perform actions in a ViewModel.
IDocument Provides methods to work with a document created with the IDocumentManagerService.
IDocumentContent Provides a way to obtain the document’s properties at the document’s ViewModel level.
IDocumentManagerService Provides methods to create documents and operate with them.
IDocumentOwner Provides a way to obtain the document owner (service) at the document level.
IDocumentViewModel Obsolete. This API is obsolete now.
IFileDialogServiceBase Provides methods and properties to configure the standard dialog box.
IFileSystemInfo Provides members common to IFolderInfo and IFileInfo
IFolderBrowserDialogService Provides methods to browse, create, and select folders in the File System by using the standard folder browser dialog.
ILayoutSerializationService Provides methods to save/restore the layout of serializable DevExpress WPF Controls.
IMessageBoxService Provides methods to show dialog boxes.
IMessenger Provides methods to send messages and register message handlers.
INavigationService Provides members to navigate between Views.
INotificationService Provides methods to display notifications in Windows 8 style.
IOpenDialogServiceBase Provides members common to IOpenFileDialogService and IOpenFolderDialogService
IOpenFileDialogService Provides methods to browse and open files in the File System by using the standard dialog box.
ISaveFileDialogService Provides methods to save the data of a ViewModel to a file by using the standard dialog box.
IServiceContainer Provides methods to retrieve services and register them in a service container.
ISplashScreenManagerService Provides data and methods used by the SplashScreenManagerService.
ISplashScreenService Provides methods to display splash screens.
ISupportNavigation Provides members that occur when navigating to an object and when navigating away from it.
ISupportParameter Provides a member that allows data to be passed from a Main to a Detail ViewModel, when these ViewModels are loosely coupled.
ISupportParentViewModel Provides a member that allows a Main ViewModel to be passed to a Detail ViewModel. In addition, this allows the Main ViewModel’s services to be used within the Detail ViewModel.
ISupportServices Provides a member to access an object containing services.
ITaskbarButtonService Provides methods to display customizable application taskbar buttons.
IUIObjectService Contains members that allow you to access a UI element from View Model code.
IViewInjectionManager Provides methods to inject and manipulate under ViewModels (and their Views)
IViewInjectionService Provides methods and properties to inject VewModels (and their Views) and operate with them.
IWindowService Provides methods to display a view as a window and control it from the ViewModel.
IWizardService Provides methods to use the Wizard control in compliance with the MVVM pattern.


Name Description
DateTimeRange Time interval which provides extended operations such as Union and Intersect.


Name Description
AsyncDisplayMode Lists values that specify how the button indicates executed asynchronous operations.
DialogButtonAlignment Lists the DialogButton’s horizontal alignment values.
DXWindowState Lists values that specify the window state (minimized, maximized, restored).
GlyphAlignment Lists image positions in the dialog button.
MessageButton Lists buttons displayed in a message box.
MessageResult Lists message box results.
ServiceSearchMode Lists values that specify whether a search for a service must be carried out within the current service container, or within the current and parent service containers.
SplashScreenState Lists values that specify the current state of the splash screen window.