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DevExpress.Sparkline Namespace

Contains classes required for DevExpress sparklines.

Assembly: DevExpress.Sparkline.v23.2.Core.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Sparkline.Core


Name Description
AreaSparklineView The Area sparkline view.
BarSparklineView The Bar sparkline view.
BarSparklineViewBase The base for Bar and WinLoss sparkline views.
LineSparklineView The Line sparkline view.
SparklineRange Represents a range to be used in DevExpress Sparkline controls.
SparklineViewBase The base class for sparkline views.
WinLossSparklineView The WinLoss sparkline view.


Name Description
ISparklineViewVisitor Interface implementing the Visitor pattern.


Name Description
SparklineViewType Lists the values used to specify the available view types of a sparkline.