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ScrollBarAnnotationOptions Class

Contains settings for scroll bar annotations.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v22.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Charts


public class ScrollBarAnnotationOptions :

The following members return ScrollBarAnnotationOptions objects:


Scroll bar annotations (not to be confused with Annotations) are colored marks that reflect the position of different chart elements on a scroll bar. To display scroll bars, zoom into a chart or enable the ScrollBarOptions.XAxisScrollBarVisible and ScrollBarOptions.YAxisScrollBarVisible properties.

To allow users to zoom in/out of a chart, enable the following options:

Refer to Zoom and Scroll in 2D XY-Charts for more information on navigation capabilities in charts.

The Chart Control supports scroll bar annotations for the following elements:

Element Scroll bar annotation visibility
Constant lines ShowConstantLines
Strips ShowStrips
Custom axis labels ShowCustomLabels
Series point annotations ShowSeriesPointAnnotations
Pane annotations ShowPaneAnnotations


Use the ScrollBarOptions.XAxisAnnotationOptions property to access the scroll bar annotation settings for x-axes. Use ScrollBarOptions.YAxisAnnotationOptions for y-axes.

XYDiagram diagram = chartControl1.Diagram as XYDiagram;

diagram.EnableAxisXScrolling = true;
diagram.EnableAxisXZooming = true;
ScrollBarAnnotationOptions xAxisScrollBarOptions = diagram.DefaultPane.ScrollBarOptions.XAxisAnnotationOptions;
xAxisScrollBarOptions.ShowConstantLines = true;
xAxisScrollBarOptions.ShowStrips = true;
xAxisScrollBarOptions.ShowCustomLabels = false;
xAxisScrollBarOptions.ShowPaneAnnotations = false;
xAxisScrollBarOptions.ShowSeriesPointAnnotations = true;

diagram.EnableAxisYScrolling = true;
diagram.EnableAxisYZooming = true;
ScrollBarAnnotationOptions yAxisScrollBarOptions = diagram.DefaultPane.ScrollBarOptions.YAxisAnnotationOptions;
yAxisScrollBarOptions.ShowConstantLines = true;
yAxisScrollBarOptions.ShowStrips = true;
yAxisScrollBarOptions.ShowCustomLabels = false;
yAxisScrollBarOptions.ShowPaneAnnotations = false;
yAxisScrollBarOptions.ShowSeriesPointAnnotations = true;


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