Doughnut3DSeriesView Properties

Represents a series view of the 3D Doughnut type.
Name Description
Color Overrides the SeriesViewBase.Color property to hide it. Inherited from Pie3DSeriesView.
Colorizer Gets or sets the Series Point Colorizer that paints series points. Inherited from SeriesViewBase.
Depth Gets or sets the thickness of the entire pie in 3D Pie Chart. Inherited from Pie3DSeriesView.
DiagramType Gets a value of the diagram type. Inherited from Pie3DSeriesView.
ExplodedDistancePercentage Gets or sets the offset distance of slice from the pie center measured by a percentage of the pie radius. Inherited from PieSeriesViewBase.
ExplodedPointIdsSerializable Gets or sets the string value used to support serialization of the PieSeriesViewBase.ExplodedPoints property. Inherited from PieSeriesViewBase.
ExplodedPoints Provides access to the collection of points which are displayed spread apart from the pie ("exploded"). Inherited from PieSeriesViewBase.
ExplodedPointsFilters Provides access to a collection of SeriesPointFilter objects, which specifies conditions for the points to be plotted as exploded pie slices. Inherited from PieSeriesViewBase.
ExplodedPointsFiltersConjunctionMode Gets or sets the logical operator used to combine individual data filter conditions defined for the series. Inherited from PieSeriesViewBase.
ExplodeMode Gets or sets the value used to specify which series should be represented as slices offset from the pie. Inherited from PieSeriesViewBase.
HiddenObject Obsolete. Gets or sets an object used to support serialization in a SeriesViewBase. Inherited from SeriesViewBase.
HiddenSerializableString Obsolete. Gets or sets the string value used to support serialization in a WebChartControl. Inherited from SeriesViewBase.
HoleRadiusPercent Gets or sets the radius of the inner circle in the Doughnut Chart.
PieFillStyle Gets the fill style of the entire pie in a series view of a Pie 3D type. Inherited from Pie3DSeriesView.
SizeAsPercentage Gets or sets a value that specifies the size of the Pie 3D chart compared to the size of the chart control as a percentage. Inherited from Pie3DSeriesView.
SweepDirection Specifies the sweep direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) for a Pie series. Inherited from PieSeriesViewBase.
Tag Gets or sets the object that contains data related to the chart element. Inherited from ChartElement.
Titles Provides access to a collection of series titles, which are displayed for the current series. Inherited from SimpleDiagramSeriesViewBase.
TypeNameSerializable Gets the string value used to support serialization of the series view type. Inherited from SeriesViewBase.
ValuesCount Returns the count of values required to plot this series. Inherited from SeriesViewBase.
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