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Series Titles

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This document lists the view types which support series titles, and briefly describes their available properties.

For series of Pie, Doughnut and Funnel view types, it’s possible to accompany each series with multiple explanatory titles, with HTML and word-wrap support. Series titles can be used to hold either explanatory text for data displayed within the series (e.g. series name), or any additional textual information.


To access the collection of series titles at design time, in the Properties window, expand the SeriesBase.View property, and click the ellipsis button for the SimpleDiagramSeriesViewBase.Titles property.


In the invoked Series Title Collection Editor, you can manage the series titles collection.

The general properties of a series title are:


The Chart Control can hide its elements if there is insufficient space to display them. Elements are hidden in the following order:

  1. Legends
  2. Axis Titles
  3. Series Titles
  4. Pane Titles
  5. Axes
  6. Chart Title
  7. Breadcrumbs

To make the Chart Control always display its elements, disable the ChartControl.AutoLayout property.