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Drop-down Filter

A column’s drop-down filter allows you to filter data at runtime. The drop-down filter displays a column’s unique values.

To filter data against a column, an end user should click the filter button (Show Drop-down Filter Button) in a column header and select any item(s):



A user can invoke a column’s drop-down filter if the view’s DataViewBase.AllowColumnFiltering property is set to true. Grid columns contain the ColumnBase.AllowColumnFiltering property that allows you to override a view’s default behavior. You can also set a column’s ColumnBase.FilterPopupMode property to Disabled to hide the filter button from this column’s header. This option still allows users to filter this column’s data in the Filter Editor.

The drop-down filter can work in different modes. Use the ColumnBase.FilterPopupMode property to change the drop-down filter’s mode.