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Using Customization Area

This topic describes how to specify the customization area’s content. For instance, the image below shows a grid column header’s customization area containing a checkbox:


Specify the ColumnBase.HeaderCustomizationAreaTemplate property to add an element to a column header’s customization area. Use the DataViewBase.ColumnHeaderCustomizationAreaTemplate property to display the customization area’s content within all column headers in the current GridControl’s view. The data context (binding source) for these templates is the ColumnBase class.

The following code sample demonstrates how to add a checkbox to the column header using the ColumnBase.HeaderCustomizationAreaTemplate property:

<dxg:GridColumn FieldName="CategoryName">
         <dxe:CheckEdit IsChecked="{Binding Column.ReadOnly, Mode=TwoWay}" />

View Example: Display a Check Box in Column Headers

Use the ColumnBase.ActualHeaderCustomizationAreaTemplateSelector property to obtain a current template selector.

If you have more than one template for rendering a customization area, specify the ColumnBase.HeaderCustomizationAreaTemplateSelector property to implement custom logic for selecting the required template.

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