TreeList.CalcNodeDragImageIndex Event

Enables you to specify a custom image to be displayed in front of nodes when dragging.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraTreeList

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraTreeList.v21.1.dll


public event CalcNodeDragImageIndexEventHandler CalcNodeDragImageIndex

Event Data

The CalcNodeDragImageIndex event's data class is CalcNodeDragImageIndexEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
DragArgs Gets an object which provides information for drag-and-drop events.
ImageIndex Gets or sets the index of the image to be displayed in front of nodes when dragging.
Node Gets the current Tree List node. Inherited from NodeEventArgs.
PtClient Gets the current mouse pointer’s coordinates relative to the top-left corner of the control.


The Tree List control enables end-users to perform drag and drop operations on nodes, provided that this feature is enabled with the TreeListOptionsDragAndDrop.DragNodesMode setting. When a node is dropped, it is inserted before or after the node over which it is dropped. To insert the node before the targeted one, end-users must hold down the SHIFT key while dragging.

When performing a drag and drop operation, a specific image is painted in front of the target node. The image displayed depends on whether the end-user holds down the SHIFT key. The image below displays the Tree List control when the dragged node is about to be inserted after (left image), and then before (right image) the target node.

DragDrop - Image

You can handle the CalcNodeDragImageIndex event, to display custom images in front of nodes when dragging. The desired image index must be assigned to the event’s CalcNodeDragImageIndexEventArgs.ImageIndex parameter. This index specifies the image’s position in the image list, available via the TreeList.Painter.NodeDragImages property. If you need a custom image to be displayed, add it to this image list first.


The following sample code handles the TreeList.CalcNodeDragImageIndex event to display a custom image in front of parent nodes when dragging. The code also shows you how to add the desired image into the painter’s image list to make it available.

The image below displays the result of executing the sample code.

DragDrop - CustomImage

using DevExpress.XtraTreeList;

// adding the desired image into the painter's image list
  "E:\\Images\\arrowdown.bmp"), Color.White);
// ...

private void treeList1_CalcNodeDragImageIndex(object sender, CalcNodeDragImageIndexEventArgs e) {
   // displaying the custom image if the target node has children
   if (e.Node.HasChildren)
      e.ImageIndex = 2;
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