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BarManager.ShowGlyphsInPopupMenus Attached Property

Gets or sets whether the BarItemLinks’ glyphs are hidden or displayed within the popup menu.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Bars

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Core.v22.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Core



Type Description

true, if BarItemLink glyph is displayed within the popup menu; otherwise, false.


Use the ShowGlyphsInPopupMenus attached property to display or hide the popup bar item’s glyph.

Set the ShowGlyphsInPopupMenus attached property for the following items:


Setting the ShowGlyphsInPopupMenus attached property on specific items in a popup menu does not cause any changes.

When setting the property on BarSplitButtonItem and on the nested PopupMenu, the value set on the popup menu has the higher priority.

The ShowGlyphsInPopupMenus attached property value is not taken into account in the following cases.

  • Showing items in the radial menu.
  • Showing items horizontally in the simple popup menu (using the BarItemMenuHeader with the Orientation property set to Horizontal).


You can use the ShowGlyphsInPopupMenus property to hide the space reserved for the menu item glyphs when the items’ glyphs are not specified.


The following example demonstrates the ShowGlyphsInPopupMenus property set for a BarSubItem object.

<Window ...
        xmlns:dxb="" x:Class="barmanager.MainWindow">
        <dxb:BarManager CreateStandardLayout="True" Margin="12" Name="barManager1">
                <dxb:BarSubItem dxb:BarManager.ShowGlyphsInPopupMenus="False" Content="Edit" x:Name="subMenu1"  Glyph="{dxc:DXImage Image=Edit_16x16.png}">
                    <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="itemCut" Content="Cut" Glyph="{dxc:DXImage Image=Cut_16x16.png}"/>
                    <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="itemCopy" Content="Copy" Glyph="{dxc:DXImage Image=Copy_16x16.png}"/>
                    <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="itemPaste" Content="Paste" Glyph="{dxc:DXImage Image=Paste_16x16.png}"  />
                <dxb:Bar x:Name="bar1" Caption="Bar 1">
                        <dxb:BarDockInfo ContainerType="Top" />
                        <dxb:BarSubItemLink BarItemName="subMenu1" />
                        <dxb:BarButtonItemLink BarItemName="itemCut"/>
                        <dxb:BarButtonItemLink BarItemName="itemCopy"/>
                        <dxb:BarButtonItemLink BarItemName="itemPaste"/>
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