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BarLinkContainerItem Class

Represents a container of bar item links.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Bars

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Core.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Core


public class BarLinkContainerItem :

The following members return BarLinkContainerItem objects:


If you need to display the same group of bar items in two or more places, you can use the BarLinkContainerItem bar item. It represents a container of bar item links.

You can create a BarLinkContainerItem item, populate it with specific item links via the BarLinkContainerItem.ItemLinks collection and then add it to a bar and/or menu. As a result, the contents of the ItemLinks collection will be displayed in the bar/menu. Changes to the BarLinkContainerItemā€™s ItemLinks collection will be in effect in all places where the BarLinkContainerItem has been added.


This example shows how to create a BarLinkContainerItem, which is a container of item links. The BarLinkContainerItem contains Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. The contents of the BarLinkContainerItem appear in the example in two places: in a bar and within a sub-menu. In the example, the bar is docked to the BarContainerControl which is created implicitly by setting the BarManager.CreateStandardLayout option to true.

The following image shows the result:


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<dxb:BarManager CreateStandardLayout="True" Margin="12" Name="barManager1">

        <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="itemCut" Content="Cut" Glyph="pack://application:,,,/Images/cut16x16.png" />
        <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="itemCopy" Content="Copy" Glyph="pack://application:,,,/Images/copy16x16.png" />
        <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="itemPaste" Content="Paste" Glyph="pack://application:,,,/Images/paste16x16.png" />
        <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="itemUndo" Content="Undo" Glyph="pack://application:,,,/Images/undo16x16.png" />
        <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="itemRedo" Content="Redo" Glyph="pack://application:,,,/Images/redo16x16.png" />
        <!--Create a BarLinkContainerItem to display three edit commands-->
        <dxb:BarLinkContainerItem x:Name="linkContainerItem1" Content="Edit Commands">
                <dxb:BarButtonItemLink BarItemName="itemCut" />
                <dxb:BarButtonItemLink BarItemName="itemCopy" />
                <dxb:BarButtonItemLink BarItemName="itemPaste" />
        <!--Create a sub-menu displaying the BarLinkContainerItem's contents-->
        <dxb:BarSubItem Content="Edit" x:Name="subMenu1">
                <dxb:BarLinkContainerItemLink BarItemName="linkContainerItem1" />


    <!--Create a bar and display the BarLinkContainerItem and SubMenu in the bar-->
        <dxb:Bar x:Name="bar1" Caption="Bar 1">
                <dxb:BarDockInfo ContainerType="Top" />
                <dxb:BarLinkContainerItemLink BarItemName="linkContainerItem1" />
                <!--Create a separator between links-->
                <dxb:BarItemLinkSeparator />
                <dxb:BarButtonItemLink BarItemName="itemUndo" />
                <dxb:BarButtonItemLink BarItemName="itemRedo" />
                <!--Create a separator between links-->
                <dxb:BarItemLinkSeparator />
                <dxb:BarSubItemLink BarItemName="subMenu1" />

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