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Iterate Through Nodes

  • 2 minutes to read

The Node Iterator allows you to traverse through the nodes without writing recursive code. Nodes are visited one by one starting from a specified node down to the last node contained within a tree.

The image below illustrates the sequence in which nodes are processed.


To iterate through the nodes, do the following.

Example: How to Iterate Through All Visible Nodes

This example shows how to traverse through all visible nodes to expand ones that have 4 or more child nodes. Nodes that have less than 4 child nodes are collapsed.

TreeListNodeIterator Example

View Example: Iterate Through Nodes With the TreeListNodeIterator

<dxg:GridControl x:Name="grid" 
        <dxg:TreeListView x:Name="view" AutoWidth="True"
                          KeyFieldName="ID" ParentFieldName="ParentID"/>
void SmartExpandNodes(int minChildCount) {
    TreeListNodeIterator nodeIterator = new TreeListNodeIterator(view.Nodes, true);
    while (nodeIterator.MoveNext())
        nodeIterator.Current.IsExpanded = nodeIterator.Current.Nodes.Count >= minChildCount;

void OnGridLoaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {