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Area Series

The Area series are used to show filled areas on a diagram. Values are represented by the height of peaks and hollows in the area of each series point. Values can be either used separately (simple areas) or can be aggregated (stacked and full-stacked areas).

Charts Area

Below is a list of all 2D area charts, which are currently available.

Area icon


2D range area icon

Spline Area

2D step area icon

Step Area

2D stacked area icon

Stacked Area

2D stacked spline area

Stacked Spline Area

2D stacked step area

Stacked Step Area

2D FullStacked area

Full-Stacked Area

FullStacked spline area

Full-Stacked Spline Area


Full-Stacked Step Area


Range Area

To learn about other series types that can be plotted together with Area series, see Series Type Compatibility.