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Chart Designer for End-Users

This document describes how the Chart Designer can be invoked and localized.

This document consists of the following sections.

Invoke the Chart Designer

The Chart Designer is represented by an instance of the ChartDesigner class. To specify the chart control for which the Chart Designer is invoked, pass the control as a parameter when creating a ChartDesigner class instance.


Note that the DevExpress.Charts.Designer.v23.1 assembly should be added to a project.

To run the Designer, call its ChartDesigner.Show method, which allows you to specify a look and feel setting for it.


For a runtime example, refer to How to: Invoke the Chart Designer at Runtime.

Localize the Chart Designer

You can localize the Designer using satellite assemblies. We have a number of satellite resource assemblies that contain the localized resources for our products translated into different languages.

For a detailed, step-by-step tutorial, refer to Localizing WPF Controls via Satellite Resource Assemblies.

For more information, refer to the Localization help topic in this documentation.