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Series Titles

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A series title provides additional information on a series. Only the Pie, Donut, Nested Donut and Funnel series can be displayed with a title. You can add an unlimited number of titles to these series. Note that a chart can have common titles. Refer to the Chart Titles topic to learn more.


This document consists of the following sections:


The Chart Control can hide its elements if there is insufficient space to display them. Elements are hidden in the following order:

  1. Legends
  2. Axis Titles
  3. Series Titles
  4. Pane Titles
  5. Axes
  6. Chart Title
  7. Breadcrumbs

To make the Chart Control always display its elements, disable the ChartControl.AutoLayout property.

How to Add a Title to a Series

The following markup shows how to add a title to the bottom of a Pie series:

    <!-- ... -->
        <dxc:Title Content="North America" 

The table lists classes and properties that are used in the example above:

Class or Property Description
PieSeries.Titles The series titles’ collection.
Title An individual title.
TitleBase.Content Speicifies title’s content.
TitleBase.HorizontalAlignment Sets the title’s horizontal alignment.
TitleBase.VerticalAlignment Sets the title’s vertical alignment.
Title.Dock Specifies the title position relative to a series.

How to Customize a Series Title’s Appearance

Use the following properties to modify the series title’s appearance:

  • Assign a DataTemplate object to the TitleBase.ContentTemplate property to modify series title content’s appearance.
  • Use the common appearance settings to customize a series title’s text: the Foreground, FontFamily, FontSize, FontStretch, FontStyle and FontWeight properties are inherited from the Control class.
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