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Provide Data

  • 2 minutes to read

The documents in this section describe approaches for providing data to your chart.

There are two general ways of providing data to your chart.


Manual series creation

Each series is explicitly added to the diagram‘s collection. A series is not displayed unless it has points, so you should populate your series with points in one of the two following ways:


Automatic series creation

In this type of series creation, you specify a data source and a common template. Based on the data source and common template, series are created and populated automatically.

Note that you do not need to specify a scale type before providing data for a chart, because the Series.ArgumentScaleType property is set to Auto mode by default. For more details, see Series Scale Types.

After populating data to the Chart, you can process this data. The available operations are: Data Aggregation, Data Filtering and Top N and Others Grouping.

Also, data points can be colored depending on data values. Refer to the Colorizers document to learn more.

The Chart control allows you to not display the non-working days on the date-time axis of arguments. Refer to the Work Time and Workday Configuration document to learn how this can be done.