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Master-Detail Mode Limitations

  • 2 minutes to read

The Master-Detail mode does not support the following features:

Unsupported Features

  • Stacked details

    If you need to display multiple details at the same level, you can only use a tabbed container - TabViewDetailDescriptor.


    You can display any UserControl (for example, a UserControl that contains multiple grids) within a ContentDetailDescriptor container to display stack details.

  • Fixed total summary row

    Total summary rows are only visible when you scroll to the bottom of the detail grid. You cannot make them visible regardless of the vertical scrolling position.

  • Selector Column

    The Selector Column is not supported.

  • Keeping viewport on data updates

    The TableView.KeepViewportOnDataUpdate property is not in effect.

  • Exporting details defined in templates

    You cannot export details defined in templates (such as DetailDescriptorBase.ContentTemplate).

Design Limitations

The following features conflict with the control architecture or master-detail data representation in general.

  • ICollectionView

    Cannot be used in both master and detail grids.

  • Server Mode and Instant Feedback

    Cannot be used in both master and detail grids.

  • TreeList and CardView in a master-detail grid

    You can show them in Details as custom controls, but there is no native integration implemented.

  • Obtaining Hit-Test information by calling methods of a detail grid

    Call the master grid methods to get Hit-Test information.

  • Auto Filter Row in detail grids

    Auto Filter Row can only be displayed within the root master grid.

  • Search panel for detail views

    The search panel is displayed within the root master grid and searches only that root dataset.