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CLI Project Templates

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CLI project templates allow you to create an empty DevExpress .NET MAUI application from a command line (both Windows and macOS). These templates are distributed as a NuGet package.

You can install these templates even if the .vsix templates are installed on your Windows machine. In this case, Visual Studio displays only the .vsix templates.


You must register your personal NuGet feed for the solution to build correctly. If you are unfamiliar with NuGet packages, please review the following help topic: Install DevExpress Controls Using NuGet Packages.

Install Templates

Follow the steps below to install our CLI project templates:

  1. Add the feed as a package source to your NuGet configuration files. To do this, create a nuget.config file with the following content:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <add key="" value="" />
            <add key="DevExpress Nuget server" value="{your-feed-url}/api" />

    Alternatively, you can use console commands:

    # Register packages with an authorization key
    dotnet nuget add source -n DXFeed -u DevExpress -p {your-feed-authorization-key}
    # Register packages with a feed URL
    dotnet nuget add source{your-feed-url}/api -n DXFeed

    Refer to the following topic for more information: Register DevExpress NuGet Gallery to Access Mobile UI for .NET MAUI.

    An error can occur if the specified source is already in the source list. You can run dotnet nuget list source to view all configured sources and ensure that the specified and package sources are enabled. To enable them, use the dotnet nuget enable source command.

  2. Call the following command in the terminal to install the DevExpress.Maui.ProjectTemplates NuGet package:

    dotnet new install DevExpress.Maui.ProjectTemplates

Create a DevExpress MAUI Project

  1. Open a command line tool in the folder where you want to create an application.

  2. Run the following command:

    dotnet new maui-dx -n MyDxFirstApp

    The command above creates the MyDxFirstApp DevExpress .NET MAUI application. You can pass a custom name to that command.

Configure the Project

The command line includes the following optional parameters:

-n, --name <name>

The project name.

Default: parent folder name

-ap, --applicationId <applicationId>

The project application ID.

Default: com.devexpress.<parent folder name>

-p, --product <choice>

DevExpress .NET MAUI Controls that should be used in the project.

Available Values:

Default: charts|collectionView|scheduler|grid|editors|dataForm|gauges|pdfviewer|htmledit|treeview

-local, --localization <choice>

Language resources to include in the project.

Available Values

  • en - English
  • de - German
  • es - Spanish
  • ru - Russian
  • fr - French

Default: en|de|fr


true if this project should support Android; otherwise, false.

Default: true


true if this project should support iOS; otherwise, false.

Default: true


You can type dotnet new maui-dx --help to see available commands.