DateTimeScaleChangedEventArgs Properties

Provides data for the ChartControl.AxisScaleChanged(WebChartControl.AxisScaleChanged and ChartControlSettings.AxisScaleChanged) event when the type of the changed scale is Date-Time.
Name Description
Axis Returns the axis whose scale mode, measure unit, grid alignment or grid spacing has been changed. Inherited from AxisScaleChangedEventArgs.
GridAlignmentChange Returns information about grid alignment changes.
GridSpacingChange Returns information about grid spacing changes. Inherited from AxisScaleChangedEventArgs.
IntervalOptionsChangeInfo Returns information about DateTimeIntervalOptions class property value changes.
MeasureUnitChange Returns information about measure unit changes.
MeasureUnitMultiplierChange Returns information about measurement unit multiplier changes.
ScaleModeChange Returns information about scale mode changes. Inherited from AxisScaleChangedEventArgs.
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