CustomAggregateFunction.Calculate(GroupInfo) Method

Calculates the aggregated values of the specified series point value group.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v21.2.dll


public abstract double[] Calculate(
    GroupInfo groupInfo


Name Type Description
groupInfo GroupInfo

Information about values that should be aggregated.


Type Description

The array of data point values.


The group info stores the following value collections in its properties:

Property Value Levels
GroupInfo.Values1 Value (for common and the bubble series), Value_1 (for range series), High (for financial series)
GroupInfo.Values2 Weight (for the bubble series), Value_2 (for range series), Low (for financial series)
GroupInfo.Values3 Open (for financial series)
GroupInfo.Values4 Close (for financial series)


Follow the steps below to create an aggregate function.

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private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    Series series = chartControl.Series["Random Data"];
    series.DataSource = GenerateData(100_000);
    series.ArgumentDataMember = "Argument";
    series.ValueDataMembers.AddRange("Value", "Value", "Value", "Value");

    XYDiagram diagram = chartControl.Diagram as XYDiagram;
    diagram.AxisX.DateTimeScaleOptions.AggregateFunction = AggregateFunction.Custom;
    diagram.AxisX.DateTimeScaleOptions.CustomAggregateFunction = new OhlcAggregateFunction();

class OhlcAggregateFunction : CustomAggregateFunction {
    public override double[] Calculate(GroupInfo groupInfo) {
        double open = groupInfo.Values1.First();
        double close = groupInfo.Values1.Last();
        double high = Double.MinValue;
        double low = Double.MaxValue;
        foreach (double value in groupInfo.Values1) {
            if (high < value) high = value;
            if (low > value) low = value;

        return new double[] { high, low, open, close };
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