AnnotationRepository.Add(Annotation) Method

Appends the specified annotation to the current collection.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v21.1.dll


public int Add(
    Annotation annotation


Name Type Description
annotation Annotation

An Annotation class descendant to append to the collection.


Type Description

An integer value indicating the position at which the new element was inserted.


The Add method adds TextAnnotation and ImageAnnotation objects to a chart control’s AnnotationRepository, where all annotations that are present in a chart control can be centrally accessed (via the ChartControl.AnnotationRepository property).

Alternatively, you can add annotations directly to an element’s annotations collection, via its AnnotationCollection.AddImageAnnotation or AnnotationCollection.AddTextAnnotation method.

For more information, refer to Annotations.

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