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Data Presentation Features

The WPF TreeList control uses the same View-based data presentation architecture as that found in the DevExpress WPF Grid. The TreeList view supports multi-column display of hierarchical data, data shaping and layout customization features such as Sorting and Filtering, Data Editing via Embedded Cell Editors, Column Auto Width, Column Reordering and Resizing, Fixed Columns, Field Chooser Window, and Extendable Context Menus.


If you want to display only single-column data, you can use the TreeView control.

Data Binding Features

Data Management and Navigation Features

Because of the common codebase, the majority of features exposed by the DevExpress WPF Grid are migrated to the WPF TreeList.

Design-Time Support

The WPF TreeList provides comprehensive design-time support within Visual Studio and Expression Blend. The DevExpress Quick Customization Panel allows you to access required objects, populate a view with columns, and assign column data editors.

Styles and Templates

Printing and Exporting

The WPF TreeList provides a fast and flexible way to bring the active TreeList’s contents to the printed page, or export to a file or stream in various formats - PDF, RTF, XLS, etc.

Drag and Drop