Filter Panel

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The Filter Panel is displayed at the bottom of the GridControl. This panel shows an existing filter expression (active or inactive) with a set of buttons to enable/disable or clear the filter.


Demo: Excel Style Filtering

Requires a WPF Subscription. Download

Filter Panel Elements


API Description
DataViewBase.ShowFilterPanelMode Specifies whether to display the filter panel within a View.
DataViewBase.ShowEditFilterButton Specifies whether to display the Edit Filter button within the filter panel.
DataViewBase.FilterPanelText Specifies the text displayed within the filter panel.
DataViewBase.CustomFilterDisplayText This event allows you to display custom text within the filter panel.

Previous and New Filter Panels

The GridControl v20.1 and later supports the new filter panel:

The previous filter panel displays a filter string.

The new filter panel displays a filter expression as a set of blocks with different colors for each block type (column name, field value, date-time function).

To use the new filter panel: