Binding to ICollectionView

WPF GridControl supports ICollectionView binding. To bind the GridControl to the ICollectionView, assign the source collection to the grid's DataControlBase.ItemsSource property and enable the DataViewBase.IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem option. The grid automatically synchronizes its grouping, sorting, current item, and can directly change the underlying collection.


When the GridControl is bound to a collection view, the grid functions in the Server Mode. To learn about the Server Mode limitations, refer to the following topic: Server Mode Limitations.


When working with ICollectionView sources, the GridControl delegates all data management operations (sorting, filtering, grouping) to ICollectionView, which imposes some limitations on the GridControl's features.

Starting from version 18.1, you can overcome all ICollectionView limitations. Set the GridControl.AllowCollectionView property to false to let the GridControl perform all data management operations.