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Filter Panel

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Table Views, Banded Table Views, Card Views, Layout Views, and WinExplorer Views can display a filter panel (also called a filter box) that displays information about the applied filter criteria. The filter panel has two display styles:

Display Style Description Example
Text (default) The filter panel displays all constants, operators, and data fields as text, each condition is enclosed in round brackets. A user can click the filter MRU list button to open a filter drop-down window and apply one of the previously used filters to data. Text Filter Criteria Display Style
Token The filter panel displays all operands as colored rectangular boxes (tokens). Each simple condition joined by a logical operator is a token group enclosed in square brackets. A token or token group can display a “Delete” button when the mouse pointer hovers over it. A click on this button removes the token or token group. The panel does not display the filter MRU list button in this mode. Token Filter Criteria Display Style


Related API Members


Use a grid View’s FilterBox.Visible property to hide or display the filter panel.


The filter panel’s content reflects the active filter criteria. If no filter criterion affects the View and the Text filter display style is active, the filter panel displays the localizable ‘<Filter is Empty>‘ string.

A grid View’s FilterBox.CustomizeDialog property value determines if the “Customize…” button is visible. You can use the FilterBox.CustomizeButtonAlignment property to change the button’s position on the filter panel.

You can use the AlternateCaption of a column or card row. You can customize the caption of columns or card rows displayed in the filter panel with their AlternateCaption property.


Use the grid View’s BackgroundBitmaps.FilterBox and Styles.FilterBox properties to customize the filter panel’s appearance.

The FilterBox.CriteriaDisplayStyle property allows you to switch between text and token filter display styles.

Custom Draw

Handle the grid View’s OnCustomDrawPartBackground event to replace the built-in filter panel draw routines.


Use a grid View’s FilterBox.Position property to position the filter panel at the top or bottom border of the View.


The filter panel displays the localizable “<Filter is Empty>” string if no filter criterion affects the grid View and the text filter display style is active. The scxGridFilterCustomizeButtonCaption resource string stores the “Customize…” button’s caption. You can use the common localization routines to change these strings.

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