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Table View HitTests

Table Views represent data in a tabular format where columns correspond to data fields while rows represent data records. The following image shows the Table View layout and hit codes of the corresponding View elements.

Table View Element HitCodes

The table below contains all the Table View elements and their corresponding hit codes and HitTest classes.

Grid View Element Hit Code HitTest Class
Cell htCell TcxGridRecordCellHitTest
Close Filter Button htFilterCloseButton TcxGridFilterCloseButtonHitTest
Column Header htColumnHeader TcxGridColumnHeaderHitTest
Column Header Horizontal Sizing Edge htColumnHeaderHorzSizingEdge TcxGridColumnHeaderHorzSizingEdgeHitTest
Column Header Filter Dropdown Button htColumnHeaderFilterButton TcxGridColumnHeaderFilterButtonHitTest
Column Header Indicator htIndicatorHeader TcxGridIndicatorHeaderHitTest
Customization Form htCustomizationForm TcxGridCustomizationFormHitTest
Expand Button htExpandButton TcxGridExpandButtonHitTest
Filter Panel htFilter TcxGridFilterHitTest
Filter Activation Button htFilterActivateButton TcxGridFilterActivateButtonHitTest
Filter Customization Button htFilterCustomizeButton TcxGridFilterCustomizeButtonHitTest
Filter MRU List Button htFilterDropDownButton TcxGridFilterDropDownButtonHitTest
Footer Panel htFooter TcxGridFooterHitTest
Footer Cell htFooterCell TcxGridFooterCellHitTest
Group By Box htGroupByBox TcxGridGroupByBoxHitTest
Group Footer Panel htGroupFooter TcxGridGroupFooterHitTest
Group Footer Cell htGroupFooterCell TcxGridGroupFooterCellHitTest
Group Summary htGroupSummary TcxGridGroupSummaryHitTest
Header htHeader TcxGridHeaderHitTest
Indicator htIndicator TcxGridIndicatorHitTest
Preview Section htPreview TcxGridPreviewHitTest
Record htRecord TcxGridRecordHitTest
Row Indicator htRowIndicator TcxGridRowIndicatorHitTest
Row Level Indent htRowLevelIndent TcxGridRowLevelIndentHitTest
Row Sizing Edge htRowSizingEdge TcxGridRowSizingEdgeHitTest
Tab htTab TcxGridDetailsSiteTabHitTest
View Navigator htNavigator TcxGridNavigatorHitTest
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