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ShapeFill Members

Contains fill settings for a shape.


Name Description
Color Gets or sets the fill color for a shape.
FillType Returns the fill type applied to a shape.
GradientFill Provides access to gradient fill settings.
PatternFill Provides access to pattern fill settings.
PictureFill Provides access to picture fill settings.
SolidFill Provides access to solid fill options.


Name Description
SetAutoFill() Applies the automatic fill to a shape.
SetGradientFill(GradientType, IEnumerable<GradientStop>) Applies a complex gradient to a shape.
SetGradientFill(GradientType, Color, Color) Applies a two-color gradient to a shape.
SetNoFill() Removes a fill from a shape.
SetPatternFill(PatternFillType, Color, Color) Applies a pattern fill to a shape.
SetPictureFill(DocumentImageSource) Applies a picture fill to a shape.
SetPictureFill(Image) Applies a picture fill to a shape.
SetSolidFill(Color) Applies a solid color to a shape.
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