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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Functions Namespace

Contains classes required to implement a custom spreadsheet function.

Assembly: DevExpress.Spreadsheet.v23.1.Core.dll


Name Description
CustomFunctionArgumentDescription Contains text descriptions of the argument passed to the User-Defined Function (UDF).
CustomFunctionArgumentsDescriptionsCollection Contains the type and description for each argument of the User-Defined Function (UDF).
FormulaEvaluationContext Determines the location of the formula and the culture used for correct formula evaluation.
FunctionWrapper A base class that allows you to override a built-in spreadsheet function.
ParameterInfo Defines a parameter to pass to a custom function.
ParameterValue Contains data passed to the function or returned.


Name Description
CustomFunction Obsolete. Use the ICustomFunction interface instead.
CustomFunctionCollection A collection of custom functions in a workbook.
EvaluationContext Provides information on the worksheet, its current culture, the column and the row containing the cell for which a formula is calculated.
ICustomFunction Defines properties and methods required to implement your own worksheet function.
ICustomFunctionDescriptionsRegisterService Provides captions and text descriptions for the Function Argument dialog invoked for the custom function (UDF).
IFunction Defines properties and methods required for the worksheet function.
WorkbookFunctions Provides access to worksheet functions and enables you to override a built-in function.


Name Description
ParameterAttributes Lists parameter attributes.
ParameterType Lists parameter types.