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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Formulas Namespace

Contains classes, interfaces and enumerations required to use the SpreadsheetControl’s formula engine.

Assembly: DevExpress.Spreadsheet.v23.1.Core.dll


Name Description
AdditionExpression An arithmetic addition operation.
ArrayConstantExpression An array constant operand.
BinaryOperatorExpression A base class for binary operator expressions.
CellArea Defines the range of cells in a worksheet. Used in cell reference expressions contained in parsed formulas.
CellCalculationArgs Provides data for the ICustomCalculationService.OnBeginCellCalculation method.
CellErrorReferenceExpression Invalid Cell Reference error (#REF!).
CellReferenceExpression A cell range reference used in parsed formula.
ConcatenateExpression An ampersand operator used to concatenate strings.
ConstantExpression A constant value.
DefinedNameReferenceExpression A defined name.
DivisionExpression A division operator.
EqualityExpression An equality operator.
Expression A base class for an expression.
ExpressionContext Contains formula environment information - the cell or range, the worksheet, the current culture, the reference style, and indicates whether the formula is an array formula.
ExpressionVisitor A base class for implementing a custom visitor to traverse the expression tree.
FunctionExpression A built-in or user-defined worksheet function.
FunctionExpressionBase A base class for the functions in formulas.
FunctionExternalExpression An external function.
GreaterExpression A “Greater than” operator.
GreaterOrEqualExpression A “Greater than or equal” operator.
InequalityExpression A inequality operator.
LessExpression A “Less than” operator.
LessOrEqualExpression A “Less than or equal” operator.
MissingArgumentExpression A “Missing argument” error.
MultiplicationExpression A multiplication operator.
ParsedExpression Contains an expression tree and provides methods to handle it.
PercentExpression A percent operator.
PowerExpression An exponentiation operator.
RangeExpression An operator that produces a reference to all cells located between the cells specified as operands.
RangeIntersectionExpression An operator that produces a reference to cells that are included in both references specified as operands.
RangeUnionExpression An operator that produces a reference to cells that are included in both references specified as operands.
ReferenceExpression A base class for expressions that reference cells.
SheetReference A worksheet reference in a formula.
SubtractionExpression A subtraction operator.
TableReferenceExpression A structured reference used for worksheet tables.
UnaryMinusExpression An unary negation operator.
UnaryOperatorExpression A base class for unary operators.
UnaryPlusExpression An unary positive operation.
UnknownFunctionExpression An unrecognized function.


Name Description
FormulaEngine An object that provides the capability to calculate and parse worksheet formulas.
IExpression A base interface for expression node.
IExpressionContext A base interface for an expression context.


Name Description
CellReferencePosition Defines the column, row and the reference type (relative or absolute).


Name Description
ExpressionStyle Lists possible ways to interpret and calculate a formula in a worksheet.
PositionType Lists types of cell references in formulas.
SheetReferenceType Lists types of the worksheet reference.
TableRowsRestriction Lists item specifiers used in structured references.