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DevExpress.Compression Namespace

Contains classes of the Compression library intended to implement zip compression and archive generation functionality.

Assembly: DevExpress.Docs.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Document.Processor


Name Description
AllowFileOverwriteEventArgs Provides data for the ZipArchive.AllowFileOverwrite event.
CanContinueEventArgs Base class that provides data to indicate whether the process can proceed further.
ErrorEventArgs Provides data for the ZipArchive.Error event.
ProgressEventArgs Provides data for the ZipArchive.Progress event.
WrongPasswordException An exception that is thrown when an encrypted zip file item is extracted with an invalid password.
ZipArchive The central object of the library - a package of entries containing compressed data.
ZipArchiveOptionsBehavior Contains options that specify how the zip archive performs certain actions.
ZipByteArrayItem A zip item specific to the byte array source.
ZipDirectoryItem A zip item specific to the directory.
ZipFileItem A zip item specific to the file source.
ZipItem An entry in the zip archive containing compressed data.
ZipItemAddingEventArgs Provides data for the ZipArchive.ItemAdding event.
ZipStreamItem A zip item specific to the stream source.
ZipTextItem A zip item specific to the text source.


Name Description
AllowFileOverwriteEventHandler A method that will handle the ZipArchive.AllowFileOverwrite event.
ErrorEventHandler A method that will handle the ZipArchive.Error event.
ProgressEventHandler A method that will handle the ZipArchive.Progress event.
ZipItemAddingEventHandler A method that will handle the ZipArchive.ItemAdding event.


Name Description
AllowFileOverwriteMode Lists available modes to handle a file conflict when unzipping the archive.
EncryptionType Lists the available encryption types.
ZipItemAddingAction Lists a possible action when the ZipArchive.ItemAdding event is handled.