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Redistribution and Deployment (.NET Framework)

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Certain DevExpress libraries are considered redistributable under the End User License Agreement (EULA) and can be distributed to end-users of your applications. You must have a valid license to legally distribute applications that use DevExpress components.

This topic covers the DevExpress redistribution policy and contains a list of redistributable assemblies.

Redistributable Assemblies

When you deploy a project that uses DevExpress Office File API libraries, you should copy the corresponding assembly files onto an end-user machine. The document provides the complete list of DevExpress Office File API assemblies that can be redistributed according to the terms of DevExpress EULA.


In most cases, you may only use some assemblies in your project. Use the Assembly Deployment Tool to analyze your project and obtain the list of assemblies that should be deployed in your particular case.


The following table lists the assemblies required by applications that use the Office File API library functionality. By default, these assemblies are located in the following folder of your development machine after installation.

“C:\Program Files\DevExpress 23.1\Components\Bin\Framework"

Assembly Description
Contain base classes used by the charting engine.
DevExpress.Data.v23.1.dll Implements the most basic functionality common to all DevExpress controls. This includes classes for data binding, skinning, printing, exporting, as well as many other auxiliary types and resources.
DevExpress.DataAccess.v23.1.dll Contains classes that utilize the most popular approaches to access different data providers.
DevExpress.Docs.v23.1.dll Contains non-visual components and object libraries for document processing.
DevExpress.Drawing.v23.1.dll Contains cross-platform counterparts of the System.Drawing classes not supported in non-Windows environments.
DevExpress.Office.v23.1.Core.dll Contains base classes common for Office File API and Office controls.
DevExpress.Pdf.v23.1.Core.dll Contains classes that provide the basic functionality to parse and render PDF files.
DevExpress.Pdf.v23.1.Drawing.dll Contains classes required for drawing in the PDF Document API.
SkiaSharp v1.68.3 Required for cross-platform page content rendering in the PDF Document API.
DevExpress.Printing.v23.1.Core.dll Contains classes that implement the basic functionality for DevExpress printing libraries.
DevExpress.RichEdit.v23.1.Core.dll Contains classes that implement the logic for formatting rich text, as well as basic types that provide a public API common to such DevExpress RTF controls as ASP.NET Rich Text Editor, WinForms Rich Text Editor, and WPF Rich Text Editor.
This assembly is also required when using a Rich Edit in-place editor (RepositoryItemRichTextEdit), Filter Editor Control (DevExpress.XtraFilterEditor.FilterEditorControl) and/or exporting to DOCX.
DevExpress.Snap.v23.1.Core.dll Provides the basic functionality for Snap.
DevExpress.Sparkline.v23.1.Core.dll Required for sparklines embedded in a spreadsheet document.
DevExpress.Spreadsheet.v23.1.Core.dll Contains basic classes that implement the main functionality of DevExpress Spreadsheet.
Required to implement treemap charts in the Spreadsheet Document API.

See Also

The following topic describes how to use the DevExpress Assembly Deployment Tool.

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Please consult the EULA for additional up-to-the-minute information on which assemblies, tools and executables are considered redistributable.