AppearanceObject.DrawString(GraphicsCache, String, Rectangle, Font, Color, StringFormatInfo) Method

Draws the specified text string in the specified rectangle with the specified Font using the specified formatting attributes.

Namespace: DevExpress.Utils

Assembly: DevExpress.Utils.v20.1.dll


public void DrawString(
    GraphicsCache cache,
    string s,
    Rectangle bounds,
    Font font,
    Color foreColor,
    StringFormatInfo strFormat
Public Sub DrawString(
    cache As GraphicsCache,
    s As String,
    bounds As Rectangle,
    font As Font,
    foreColor As Color,
    strFormat As StringFormatInfo


Name Type Description
cache GraphicsCache

A GraphicsCache object which provides the storage for the pens, fonts and brushes used during painting.

s String

A String value which represents the text to be drawn.

bounds Rectangle

A Rectangle value representing the drawing area.

font Font

A Font object which defines the font and associated settings of the text to be drawn.

foreColor Color

A Brush object which specifies the color and texture of the drawn text.

strFormat DevExpress.Utils.StringFormatInfo

A StringFormatInfo object that specifies formatting attributes, such as line spacing and alignment, that are applied to the drawn text.

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