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Day of Week Headers

The Day of Week Headers are located above the time cells area and are used to identify days of the week in the Month View.


The DayOfWeekHeader class contains the information required to paint the Day of Week Header.

The table below lists properties and methods which affect the Day of Week header’s appearance:


BaseHeaderAppearance.HeaderCaption provides the appearance settings for all headers except the Today header. The appearance settings used to paint the Today header are provided by the BaseHeaderAppearance.AlternateHeaderCaption property. The BaseHeaderAppearance.HeaderCaptionLine contains settings used to paint the horizontal line under the header. If a scheduler control is painted in the WindowsXP or Skin style, the appearance settings used to paint the backgrounds of day headers are ignored.

Appearance Customization Event

Handle the SchedulerControl.LayoutViewInfoCustomizing event to access the object which contains the information used to render a visual element.

Custom Draw Event