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Ribbon, Bars, and Menus

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This section describes UI controls that help you emulate the Microsoft Office and Visual Studio user experience.

Ribbon Control

From Office 2007 to Office 2019 and everything in between, the Ribbon Control supports all available Office styles.

Its advanced features include:

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Bars - Main Menu and Toolbars

WinForms Toolbars | DevExpress

Bars are traditional navigation UI elements such as the main menu, status bar, and floating toolbars. Advanced features include:

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WinForms Popup Menus | DevExpress

Popup menus allow users to access frequently used commands. These menus can be associated with the Ribbon Control and Bars. Popup Menus are customizable and can display items across multiple columns.

Radial Menu

WinForms Radial Menu | DevExpress

The Radial Menu is a touch-first navigation element inspired by Microsoft OneNote. It supports the expanded and collapsed states. When collapsed, the menu displays only the central button. When a user clicks this button, the menu expands and displays all menu items associated with the control around the button.

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