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Time Cells

Time cells are elements of the day/time grid imposed on the working area of the Scheduler control. They can mark working hours and days with different colors. They allow the visual alignment of the scheduled appointments.


Scheduler layout provides the following classes for time cells located in different views and view areas :

Class Location
TimeCell The main area of the Day View, Work Week View, Full Week View, Timeline View views.
AllDayAreaCell The all-day area of the Day View, Work Week View, Full Week View views.
HorizontalSingleWeekCell The main area of the Week View.
MonthSingleWeekCell The main area of the Month View.
SelectionBarCell The Selection Bar area of the Timeline View.

The table below lists properties and methods which affect the Time Cell appearance:

Appearance Customization Event

Handle the SchedulerControl.LayoutViewInfoCustomizing event to access the object which contains the information used to render a visual element.

Custom Draw Events

SchedulerControl.CustomDrawTimeCell and SchedulerControl.CustomDrawDayViewAllDayArea events.

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