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Navigation Controls

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From simple side bars to advanced multi-level navigation containers, and everything in between, this section describes DevExpress WinForms UI controls that allow you to emulate navigation UI introduced in today’s most popular Windows and Office applications.

Accordion Control

The WinForms Accordion Control (AccordionControl) is an advanced navigation control that extends the capabilities of a traditional Navigation Bar.

WinForms Accordion Control - DevExpress

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The Accordion Control allows you to create a multi-level navigation menu, categorize navigation elements (items) into groups, display images, and customize dozens of UI/UX settings.

WinForms Accordion Control - Custom Content

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You can also use the Accordion control as a hamburger menu.

WinForms Accordion Control - Hamburger Menu

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The advanced features include:

Learn more about WinForms Accordion Control

Office Navigation Bar

The Office Navigation Bar (OfficeNavigationBar) replicates the Outlook 2013 UX.

WinForms Office Navigation Bar, DevExpress

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SDI Navigation Frame and Tab Pane

The Navigation Frame (NavigationFrame) is an SDI (Single Document Interface) container with elegant transitions. The control owns multiple pages (NavigationPage) whereas only one page can be active at a time. Pages can display any content.

WinForms Navigation Frame, DevExpress

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The Tab Pane control (TabPane) extends the Navigation Frame. It displays page headers as navigation buttons.

Learn more about the Navigation Frame and Tab Page

The Navigation Pane is a menu inspired by Acrobat Reader. It incorporates pages (NavigationPage) that can be vertically aligned into a single column. Only a single page can be active at a time. Users can expand, collapse, and resize pages.

WinForms Navigation Pane, DevExpress

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Tile-Based Toolbar

The WinForms Tile Toolbar (TileBar) is a touch-friendly alternative to a traditional toolbar. The toolbar displays tiles within its container and allows you to incorporate a straightforward navigation user experience into your WinForms application.

Winforms TileBar, DevExpress

Its features include:

  • Dropdown Tile Toolbars
  • Configurable Tile Content & Appearance
  • Integrated Visual Studio Designer
  • Glyph Skinning

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Tile Navigation Pane

The Tile Navigation Pane (TileNavPane) is a touch-friendly version of a traditional navigation menu. Like the Ribbon, it is positioned at the top of your application’s window.

Winforms TileNavPane, DevExpress

Its features include:

  • Dropdown Toolbars
  • Tile Groups and Categories
  • Main Button
  • Animated Transitions
  • Configurable Tile Appearance
  • Custom Tiles and Categories
  • Custom Navigation (Event-Based)

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Toolbox Control

The ToolboxControl ships with the following features:

  • Drag & Drop Support
  • Item Groups and Categories
  • Search Box
  • Quick Access Menu
  • Multiple Item Selection

WinForms Toolbox Control, DevExpress

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WindowsUI Button Panel

The WindowsUIButtonPanel displays Windows 10-styled buttons.

WinForms WinUIButtonPanel, DevExpress

Its features include:

  • Push and Toggle Buttons
  • Customizable Button Appearance (icons, colors, shapes, etc.)
  • Integration with Flyouts
  • Glyph Skinning

Learn more about WindowsUI Button Panel


The TileControl allows you to incorporate Windows 10 inspired tile-based navigation.

WinForms Tile Control

Its features include:

  • Touch Support
  • Tile Groups
  • Built-in Tile Animation
  • Drag & Drop

Learn more about the Tile Control

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