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This document describes techniques which can be used to compose a printable document, based on the Scheduler information, or representing one of the Scheduler views.

1. Print via the XtraPrinting Library

To print a SchedulerControl you should use the SchedulerControl.Print method. To show its Print Preview, use the SchedulerControl.ShowPrintPreview method.


The SchedulerControl can be printed and previewed only if the XtraPrinting Library is available. To verify that printing the scheduler is possible, use the SchedulerControl.IsPrintingAvailable property.

When printing a Scheduler, the current print settings are used. You can access and change these settings via the SchedulerControl.OptionsPrint property. If you wish an end-user to manually select the printer settings, you can use the SchedulerControl.ShowPrintOptionsForm method to invoke the Print Options window.

Predefined print styles are available via the SchedulerControl.PrintStyles property.

2. Print Appointment Details

You can use the SchedulerStorage object as the data source providing appointments data. A collection of appointments can be obtained via the SchedulerStorageBase.GetAppointments method.

Then, you can specify this collection as the data source, for example, the data source of the XtraReport created in the XtraReports Suite.


A complete sample project is available in the DevExpress Code Examples database at

3. Reporting

You can construct and print the XtraSchedulerReport. This kind of report is inherited from the XtraReport class and is used to compose a printable report, based on the Scheduler information.

Please see the Reporting and How to: Print a Scheduler Using a Report Preview (Step-by-Step Guide) documents to learn more on this subject.

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