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Vertical Grid

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The WinForms Vertical Grid (VGridControl) is a data-aware control with an inverted grid layout. The Vertical Grid displays data source fields as rows, and data source records as columns.

Vertical Grid - Landing - 1

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Bind to Data

The Vertical Grid supports the following data sources and binding modes:

  • ADO.NET Typed DataSet
  • SQL
  • Excel
  • JSON
  • MongoDB
  • Entity Framework & EF Core
  • LINQ to SQL
  • WCF Data Services
  • OData 4V Services
  • DevExpress ORM Tool (XPO)
  • IList / IEnumerable
  • Unbound Data Source
  • XML

Read the following topics for information on data binding modes, supported technologies, and data sources:

DirectX Hardware Acceleration

With DirectX hardware acceleration, the Vertical Grid introduces a major increase in overall performance and HighDPI rendering quality (4K/8K).

Data Presentation & Layout Modes

The Vertical Grid includes multiple layout options to display data from a data source, which include:

Multi-Record Layout - WinForms Vertical Grid

Records, Rows, and Cells

The Vertical Grid renders data source records as columns, and data source fields as rows. Data values are displayed in individual cells.

Side-by-Side Record Comparison

The Vertical Grid control allows users to compare individual records side-by-side and temporarily hide other records.

Side-by-Side Record Comparison

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UI Customization

The Vertical Grid includes dozens of UI/UX customization options available to you and your users. Its advanced customization features include:

Edit and Validate Data

The Vertical Grid allows you to incorporate over 35 individual data editors within grid cells.

The advanced data editing features include:

Read the following topic to learn more: In-place Editors.

Sort and Filter Data

The Vertical Grid includes a comprehensive set of sort and filter options.

Excel-Inspired Filtering - WinForms Vertical Grid

Format Cell Values

Column editors automatically format cell values according to the editor’s type and settings. The built-in text formatting options include:

Conditional Formatting - WinForms Vertical Grid

Read the following topic for detailed information on how to format cells: Format Cell Values.

Appearance Customization

The Vertical Grid supports multiple appearance options and techniques.

You can print and export Vertical Grid content to multiple file formats (PDF, XLS, XLSX, MHT, HTML, RTF, DOCX, TXT).

How to Print, Preview, and Export a Vertical Grid

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