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Populating Ribbon

You can display various elements (such as regular and check buttons, submenus, static text, different editors from the DXEditors library, string lists, etc.) within the Ribbon Page Groups, Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon Status Bar. To display all these elements, use specific bar items and/or bar item links.


  • Items and Links

    The Ribbon Control shares the same ‘item - item link’ concept as traditional Bars. This document explains the difference between these types of objects.

  • The List of Bar Items and Links

    Enumerates all elements with which you can populate your Ribbon.

  • Ribbon Galleries

    Galleries display image lists within a Ribbon Control. Gallery items behave similarly to items in a regular menu: a click on a gallery item invokes a specific event, which you can handle to implement custom logic. For each gallery item, it’s also possible to provide text descriptions. In addition, galleries support hover images and tooltips.

  • Bar Item Display Options

    Illustrates various item customization options.

  • Bar Item Behavior Options

    Learn how to implement your item functionality.

  • MVVM Support

    A document that illustrates how to build a Ribbon UI following the MVVM architectural pattern.

Task-Based Help