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Runtime Customization

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The RibbonControl supports runtime customization options much like those found in Office 2010.


The runtime customization feature is enabled by default. To disable it, set the RibbonControl.AllowCustomization property to false.

While an application containing a RibbonControl runs, right-click the free space within the Ribbon Control. Select the Customize Ribbon item from the context menu.

DXRibbon customizing menu


Customization will take no effect if RibbonControl’s layout is generated based on the RibbonControl.CategoriesSource, RibbonPageCategoryBase.PagesSource, RibbonPage.GroupsSource or RibbonPageGroup.ItemLinksSource properties.

The Ribbon customization window has the ListBox that contains commands (BarItems) on the left and the ListBox that contains tabs (RibbonPages) on the right. The ComboBox filter at the top of each ListBox allows you to specify which commands and tabs are displayed. For example, applying the ‘Main Tabs’ filter within the right ListBox will cause the displaying of items within the RibbonDefaultPageCategory only, and the applying of the ‘Tool Tabs’ filter displays items of the RibbonPageCategory type.

DXRibbon Customization Main Window

Below is a list of operations available through the Ribbon Customization feature.



Add new pages

  • Right-click the right ListBox’s title and select ‘Add new group’.


  • Press the ‘New Page’ button.

Add new groups

  • Right-click the page title within the right ListBox and select ‘Add new page’.


  • Select the desired page within the right ListBox, press the ‘New Page’ button.

Hide pages and page groups

  • Right-click the desired element you wish to hide and select ‘Remove’


  • Select an element and press the ‘<< Remove’ button.

Rename pages and page groups

  • Right-click the desired element (page or page group) within the right ListBox and select the ‘Rename’ option.


  • Select the desired element and click the ‘Rename’ button.

Add commands to custom page groups

  • Select a group within the right ListBox, a command to add within the left one and click the ‘Add >>’ button.

Note: by default, adding commands to the original page groups is not allowed. Set the RibbonControl.AllowCustomizingDefaultGroups to true to change this behavior.

Re-arrange pages and page groups

  • Right-click the element (page or page group) in the right ListBox and select ‘Move up’ or ‘Move down’.


  • Select the desired element and press the ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ button.

Import/Export your custom layout

  • Select the desired option via the lower ComboBox within the ‘Customizations’ section.

Note: if ‘Export all customizations’ option is selected, your custom layout will be applied automatically as if you clicked the ‘Apply Changes’ button.

Restore the original layout

  • Select the desired option via the upper ComboBox within the ‘Customizations’ section.

The following animation is a short example of customizing a RibbonControl.

DXRibbon Customization Feature GIF