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Bar Item Display Options

Bar Item Display Options

For bar items that represent regular buttons, check buttons and menus, you can specify content, and both small and large images. To assign images, use the BarItem.Glyph and BarItem.LargeGlyph properties.

Content can be assigned via the BarItem.Content property. If you want to change the way bar items present their contents, you can specify a data template via the BarItem.ContentTemplate property.

If both large and small images are assigned to a bar item, the large image is used by default. However, if the RibbonControl’s width doesn’t allow large images to be entirely displayed, small images will be used instead. Also, if there is not enough space to display the item’s caption, it will be automatically hidden.

If you want to control how bar items are displayed in the RibbonControl, use the BarItem.RibbonStyle property. It allows you to specify whether large images and small images with or without text are used to draw bar items. For instance, using this property, you can prevent small images without text from being used, but allow large images and small images with text to be used.