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Ribbon Structure

This section describes elements that define RibbonControl‘s structure.

  • Ribbon Control

    This article will introduce to you all the regions and elements that typically make up the Ribbon UI.

  • Page Categories and Contextual Pages

    The article that contains the overall information on Ribbon Categories - topmost objects that contain Ribbon Pages and affect their appearance.

  • Pages

    Ribbon Pages are represented as tabs. End-users can click these tabs to view different commands, editors and galleries.

  • Page Groups

    Each Ribbon Page can be structurally and visually split into multiple Page Groups. These groups are used to combine commands that have certain features in common.

  • Quick Access Toolbar

    The Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar is a stripe above (or below) the Ribbon Control that is designed to provide end-users with one-click access to the most important and mostly used commands.

  • Ribbon Status Bar

    An element that is typically drawn at the bottom of a window and displays status information, providing helpful feedback to end-users.